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Casamance Paris

Misia is member of the Casamance group.

The brand stands out through its use of sparkling colors. Its exclusive colors are created to emphasize and enhance the most luxurious interiors.

The Misia brand takes its inspiration from the freedom and avant-garde movement of the beginning of the last century, joyful, creative, daring, glamorous and refined and reinterprets this mood in a resolutely modern way. 

Each new launch is the fruit of a voyage or an artistic, cultural or emotional experience. The first collection, naturally, began in Paris, birthplace of art and creativity at the beginning of the last century. Since then, the brand has packed its suitcases and travelled in the company of its designer, the Keys in 2015, on safari in Tanzania in 2015, to the Land of the Rising Sun in 2017: and in 2018, through the streets of Rio de Janeiro and into the hidden secrets of the Green Eldorado.

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